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My name is Dina, and I am a true fan of martial arts movies. Back in the 1980’s, Kung Fu Theatre use to come on WTSP CH. 28, and that is where I got my start. I was around 8 or 9 years old, and I have to thank my brother for that. My brother, George, “I greatly appreciate it!”

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I have to admit, I am somewhat biased when it comes down to the type of movies I watch. I do prefer more Asian-made films, then the American-made films

Asian-made films seem to have more of a graceful and smooth flow in their choreography of the fight scenes, sound effects, and settings.

I guess I would call myself more along the lines of an “Old School” fan of martial arts movies. “Old School” would be some movies made by the famous shaw Brothers,and movies like: The Jade’s Claw, Snake and Crane Arts of Shaolin, The Drunken Dance of the Mantis, and so on

  • American Flims 80%
  • Asian Flims 65%
  • Positive Feedback 95%

Dina’s Blog

Shaolin History, And Past Events!

Learning The Shaolin History! In the Song mountains of the Henan province 495 AD the first ever Shaolin temple was built. As the first monk started this temple of Buddhism his first two disciples were skilled in the martial arts. As many people have visited these...

How Old Is Van Damme, And How Good Is He?

How Old Is Van Damme, Did You Know? When you are thinking of asking the question of How Old Is Van Damme, you really need to think is what kind of life did he live. While many people can sit there and say they have officially lived their life, in fact living your life...


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A brave man, a real fighter is not measured by how many times he falls, but how many times he stands up

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Some Of Our Favorites

If you are looking for a great plot and story, then martial arts movies are not for you. They are for entertainment. The theme of most martial arts movies is REVENGE. Someone has killed a young person’s parents, relative, or teacher, so that person sets off to train and get revenge. That’s basically what most martial arts movies are about with a little variation of course. Nevertheless, they are great to watch and enjoy!

Jet Li

Good Movies: Romeo Must Die, Fist of Legends, Black Mask, and many more.

Jackie Chan

Good Movies: Snake and Crane Arts of Shaolin, Magnificant Bodyguard, SuperCop, and many more.

Alexander Fu Sheng

Good Movies: Invinicle Kung Fu Brothers, The Invinicle One, Some Venom movies and more.