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My name is Dina, and I am a true fan of martial arts movies. Back in the 1980’s, Kung Fu Theatre use to come on WTSP CH. 28, and that is where I got my start. I was around 8 or 9 years old, and I have to thank my brother for that. My brother, George, “I greatly appreciate it!”

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I have to admit, I am somewhat biased when it comes down to the type of movies I watch. I do prefer more Asian-made films, then the American-made films

Asian-made films seem to have more of a graceful and smooth flow in their choreography of the fight scenes, sound effects, and settings.

I guess I would call myself more along the lines of an “Old School” fan of martial arts movies. “Old School” would be some movies made by the famous shaw Brothers,and movies like: The Jade’s Claw, Snake and Crane Arts of Shaolin, The Drunken Dance of the Mantis, and so on

  • American Flims 80%
  • Asian Flims 65%
  • Positive Feedback 95%

Dina’s Blog


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A brave man, a real fighter is not measured by how many times he falls, but how many times he stands up

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Some Of Our Favorites

If you are looking for a great plot and story, then martial arts movies are not for you. They are for entertainment. The theme of most martial arts movies is REVENGE. Someone has killed a young person’s parents, relative, or teacher, so that person sets off to train and get revenge. That’s basically what most martial arts movies are about with a little variation of course. Nevertheless, they are great to watch and enjoy!

Jet Li

Good Movies: Romeo Must Die, Fist of Legends, Black Mask, and many more.

Jackie Chan

Good Movies: Snake and Crane Arts of Shaolin, Magnificant Bodyguard, SuperCop, and many more.

Alexander Fu Sheng

Good Movies: Invinicle Kung Fu Brothers, The Invinicle One, Some Venom movies and more.