Kickboxing Stamina: How To Train For Endurance?

Every boxer knows when they step into the ring, it is going to be a long fight. But, if one does not train properly, the fight will be over before the bell rings. This is why knockouts happen because the loser is tired and can’t keep their hands up or move their feet fast enough, thus eating finishing punch. Any athlete that steps into a fight should be in the best shape in their life, otherwise the battle is already lost.

Fighters such as, Nieky Holzken is among the ideal K1 Glory fights whom I have ever watched. All her bouts are extremely spectacular and only a pleasure to watch. Holzken can definitely hold his ground and he has amazing stamina to last the rounds. For example, his fight against Dutch kickboxing legend was grueling to watch, but both fighters lasted 12 rounds. Both boxing and kickboxing are physically challenging so you ought to make sure your body is trained in advance to develop that endurance. Also, if you keep calm and relaxed, you’re going to be able to earn superior decisions. Lets discuss the types of diets, workouts and more tips to help you get the best kickboxing stamina for your next bout.

Two guys kickboxing.

Five Things To Remember When Building Your Kickboxing Stamina

So, how to increase stamina for kickboxing? Obviously running and working out helps, but you should know the best workouts to help develop endurance for your fights. Furthermore, some fighters like to measure their VO2 Max to see where they are physically. Fighters, will receive a number that indicates the sum of oxygen (in milliliters) in 1 minute per kilogram of bodyweight. Here are the five best ways to build your kickboxing stamina while training:

  1. Cardio, cardio, cardio. Increase you body’s intake of oxygen and it will boost your stamina. Some exercises to do are biking, swimming and jump roping. Also, try HITT workouts as they can help with the quick burst of movements.
  2. Technique- Having the proper technique is vital so boxers won’t be tired and gas out quickly. How? Good punching and defensive techniques helps your last longer in fights; just look at the champ Mayweather and you’ll understand why he is 50-0! His amazing defense and stamina is the result of an undefeated record and lots of money. People may not like the guy, but he has all the proper technique to last 12 rounds.
  3. Muscle Memory – The brain stores repeated movements so it is important to practice everything such as; sudden movements, pivots and jabs. Youtube shadowboxing, it is the best technique for me.
  4. Conditioning (muscle) – When you throw over 200 punches, you need to work on condition. Boxing is an all body exercise that requires all muscles to be workout for long periods, for fighters the best. All the muscles need to be condition well otherwise you’ll experience fatigue.
  5. Rest is vital when athletes want to build stamina too. Don’t over do your workouts otherwise you’ll never hit your goals.

No matter your style of kickboxing, you’ve got to train endurance and then you can focus on other parts. Stamina is extremely important to have when you’re a boxer or athlete. Not only does this increase stamina but it has many different benefits like toning your entire body and adding muscle definition while at the same time lowering the risk of cardiovascular disease and also perfect for weight loss among quite a few other added benefits. In addition to condition, lets discuss the food you should eat to help along the process.

Kickboxing Tips: Food To Eat For Physical Endurance

Be certain to eat breakfast to get your day started. Never skip a meal or your training will suffer. Stamina training is all about the continuous delivery of technique over a long period, therefore eating the right food matters. Here are my top foods to eat while you are on the kickboxing regiment:

  • Bananas with oatmeal or bread.
  • Cottage cheese with pineapples.
  • Greek yogurt with nuts and honey.
  • Whole wheat bread with protein.
  • Protein shakes with fruits.
  • Healthy and lean cuts of meats with the essential carbs.
  • Apple with peanut and honey.
Eating healthy carbs with banana is a great meal for energy source.
Oatmeal with berries and banana.

Fatigue may be an important symptom of deeper health problems. It may result from poor diet and a lack of exercise. Also, your fatigue could be because of deficiency of sleep or poor sleep quality. These signs may add up to chronic low power and mental and physical fatigue.

The Mental Aspect Of Kickboxing Stamina

The mentality of an individual’s health is often missed and skipped when they train for a fight or any event. Mental relaxation is very important to all fighters and people in general. In any fight, being calm and not panicking is vital to survive while you’re losing a fight. How does one help improve their mentality? Try doing quite activities such as yoga and walking in nature to help. In addition, massages and breathing techniques can help reduce anxiety and stress management.

Kickboxing is also a mental game and when you’re in the ring, you need to develop patience and relaxation to help your stamina last. Exercise may be the very last thing you wish to do with low energy. Standard exercise can decrease fatigue and enhance the quality of your sleep.

Additional Support: Vitamins & Supplements For Physical Endurance

For additional support in your kickboxing stamina training, you can also try eating more vitamins and supplements to help with the recovery process too. You must have grace in addition to speed in regards to the art of being an effective boxer or kickboxer. Men have a distinctive set of reasons why they may experience fatigue for at least a couple weeks at a moment. My body is not the same machine today, so eating vitamins and supplements has tremendously help me workout harder and consistently at the gym. Most athletes consult with their trainers and use the right stuff to help their body. Make sure to not cheat and use steroids to recover because you’ll never get a chance to compete again.

With all the amazing vitamins and technology now a days, athletes can find the best ones by talking to their trainers or doctors. When I workout, I use protein shakes and stamina supplements such as to help me train better. In addition, it helps me perform better in the gym but also at night; if you know what I mean. Just make sure to always talk to health professionals before using anything to help your body, because you don’t want to be allergic to anything.

In The End

No matter your training, it’s important to track your progress and what you done to see if their are any weakness in the training. Blood tests and oxygen test will help to see if you’re in top shape. For example, do a mile test to see how long your stamina lasts. Breathing tests are also great to see where the body is at. Eating right and working out the body with rest will help. Lastly, don’t forget to use mental therapy to help with the human spirit. Combining all these activites and food will surly help one acheiver long kickboxing stamina. Be sure to follow us or pin our site at for future martial arts news. Here is a quick video to help you improve your endurance in kickboxing.