Laughing About “Who Is Chuck Norris”!

You hear a joke “When Chuck Norris does push up he doesn’t push himself up, he pushes the world down” you laugh but you really don’t know who Chuck Norris is. You and many other people have wonder Who Is Chuck Norris? This question is not a simple answer, yes he is a movie actor but he is a lot more than that as well. With hundreds of movies under him belt you could watch them all and still not understand who this man is. While everyone makes those jokes because in his movies it seem as though he is the strongest man alive today, but honestly that’s not the case. Most of the movies he has done were well before special effect and the need stunt people to make it look as though they¬† got hit hard and in some cases too hard. On this page you will learn who Chuck Norris really is not just as a actor but as a human being as well.

He is a very powerful man who roundhouse kicks stuff. He can get a Black-Jack with one card. He sleeps with every woman in the world once a month. He is a kind of person that cares about their health and physical appearance. He once killed 5 people in less than a second. Norris has filmed movies all over the USA and the world, he explained. Chuck Norris is permitted to discuss Fight Club. He only uses one chopstick. Chuck Norris first made a decision to enable the Worms develop advanced technology. He can solve the Towers of Hanoi in one move. Chuck Norris can observe ultra-violet light. You will never know when Chuck Norris will kill you. If you’re flying toward Chuck Norris, you’re incorrect. Chuck Norris is made from antimatter. In reality, he died ten years ago. He doesn’t wear a watch. He does not own a house. He can throw a house through a window. You can also lose weight by clicking here

Really Getting To understand Who Is Chuck Norris!

All jokes aside, Chuck Norris is actually an incredible person. Chuck has become the spokesperson for Total Gym, helping people get excited to work out and letting people know that working out is not only great for you muscles but great for your health as well. Chuck Norris was born in 1940 and doesn’t look his age at all, as jokes go people believe he is even older. But for being 78 years old this man has had so many people looking up to him. With several books written and movies under his belt who wouldn’t look up to him. Chuck was in the air Force in 1958 and was stationed in Korea at the time, this is when he started leaning Tang Soo Do, an interest that he picked up so much that he got his black belt. After the military Chuck fallowed martial arts as a career and competing in championships.While he experienced some losses there were a lot of wins. As he continued to get better so did his career as he begun to train celebrities in the martial arts, among them were bob Barker and Chad McQueen. Bruce Lee And Norris meet during a world title match in 1968 where Lee noticed Norris which the two became great friends and began to train together.

Notable Chuck Norris Movies!

  • Good guys Wear Black
  • Missing In Action
  • Walker, Texas Ranger (TV Series)
  • DodgeBall (Cameo)
  • The Expendables 2
  • The Way of The Dragon

Who would have thought a year later he would have been in movies thanks to the many TV/Movie personal he had not only trained but run into through the course of his years. While he started with many smaller roles in film just as many do, he did make it big. His first Blocker Buster hit was Way of The Dragon which was encouraged by a great friend of his, Steve McQueen. In 1972 he did a film with another notable friend and actor Bruce Lee, however he was not the good guy in this film in fact he was Bruce Lee’s foe which made it a very memorable film. Are still asking Who Is Chuck Norris? You should because he was not just a martial artist and actor, no Chuck Norris as written books and and become very looked up to in many aspects of life. From his earlier years with the military to now being very charitable in many natures. Chuck Norris has begun to take a role and someone who will go down in history as what we like to call legendary. While over time people wanted to learn all the moves Chuck Norris could do, he eventually came up with his on martial arts creation called Chun Kuk Do which primary based off of the work he learned in Korea, Are you still asking yourself, Who Is Chuck Norris?

Now You Should Know Who Is Chuck Norris!

With amazing martial arts skills, move acting and the life he lived it’s no wonder so many people look up yo him. Living a life of wonder Chuck has be come an amazing individual in so many ways that you can help but tell yourself you want to meet this man. I am sure is you got one day a lone with this man he would have so many stories to tell you and each and every one of them would continue to amazing and impress you. While he has been all around the world for so many different things and so so much for so many people, we still can’t help but smile and laugh at some of his older movies and how they were. Go ahead and crack a joke because Chuck Norris is always listening, and he will find you, Just kidding. It always fun to have a laugh or two, even Chuck has made a few jokes about himself in those regards. Now that you know Who Is Chuck Norris, you can really appreciate what he has done yo our way of life with action, laughter, kindness, generosity and honestly on of the greats. No go on and watch a few of his older movies and learn a little more about them seeing the way he fights and who he is an actor, don’t for get to laugh here and there.